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Zion NP Angels Landing
Virgin River with Angels Landing
Up the Ridge
On the Beehive
Great White Throne
Weeping Wall Trail
Looking Up Valley
Down Walter's Wiggles

Zion Watchman Campground
Watchman Formation
Site B10

Joshua Tree Indian Cove
Lunch on the Rocks
Camper from the Lunch Rock
Campsite at Sunrise
Rock Pyramid
Yucca Rosette
Tall Yucca
Yucca Blossum Closeup
Pencil Cholla
Coreopsis Blooms
Desert Sky and Monzogranite

Joshua Tree Cottonwood Oasis
Fan Palm Oasis
Beavertail Cactus Vista
Poppies and Chia
Desert Mallow
Group on Mastadon Peak
Brace of Beavertail Cacti
Bigelow Mimulus
Wallace's Eriophyllum
Canterbury Bells
Mojave Aster
Brittlebush View
Abandoned Gold Mine
Purple Mat with Canterbury Bells
Brittlebush Silhouette
Mohave Mound Cactus
Blazing Star Cluster
Desert Color Extravaganza

Joshua Tree Park Boulevard
Fallen Giant
Desert Flower Garden
Skull Rock
Stately Giant
Joshua Tree Forest and Clouds
Barker Lake Shoreline
Boulder and Barker Lake
Split Rock and Tree

Joshua Tree Wildlife
Large 16" to 18" Chuckwalla
Diamond Back Rattler
4 foot Gopher Snake
Baby Birds in Cholla Nest
Fence Lizard

Grand Canyon Sunrise
Pre Dawn Cross Canyon
Through the Clouds
First Rays
The Orb and the Rock
Cheesegrater Rock
Full Sun

Grand Canyon Rim Hike
Blue Ridges
Bridge Over Muddy Waters
The Edge of Time
Juniper and Yucca
Checking the Shuttle Bus Route
Moran Point

Grand Canyon Campsite
GC Trailer Village Site

Bluff Utah
Monument Valley
San Juan River Sunset