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This site is an attempt to consolidate the many aspects of owning an RV and touring the country with our family on summer vacations and long weekends. We grew up in families that took camping trips in tents and pop-ups before graduating to larger rigs. The early years with our own family involved tent camping and canoe camping. Now, with four in tow, we have taken the easy way out and moved to a more civilized camping experience.

Despite accommodations that are almost as nice as home, we still pursue many roughing it activities such as rock climbing, ski touring, canoeing and mountain biking... You just can't have too much fun

Take a photo tour of our fifth wheel trailer in Tour Our Rig.

Our Trip Photos section contains photo galleries from many of the trips that we have taken over the last several years. It helps us share our trips with friends and family. It's a nice place to visit for photos and ideas if you plan on going to any of the places that we have been.

                                                           Alan & Cathy